Postwar. A History of Europe since 1945

by Tony Judt
Published in October 2005 by Penguin (US)
and Heinemann (UK)

The literature on Europe since the Second World War is huge - and like Europe itself - steadily expanding. The titles listed in this bibliography are but a small selection of the English-language books that I have found most interesting or helpful in the writing of Postwar. Wherever possible I have listed books (and editions of books) that are likely to be available for readers to consult or purchase. For the same reason I have not included primary sources except memoirs and the occasional contemporary report, nor have I listed published works in other languages.

The bibliography is arranged in three parts. The first section is a list of books dealing with the history of modern Europe, together with works devoted to particular countries or regions. The second section is divided into a number of general topics: the Cold War, immigration, culture and the arts, etc. In the third section I have grouped books by chapter, listing works to which I am indebted for information used in a particular chapter or that I found especially helpful.

This way of organizing the bibliography inevitably entails overlap. Thus, to take one example: readers interested in learning more about French intellectuals in the Cold War years might refer to books listed under various headings - France; The Cold War; Europe and the USA; Intellectuals; as well as e.g. Chapter VII: Culture Wars. Similarly, readers seeking to learn more about the economic history of post-war Europe might find it helpful to look under General Histories; Economics; European Union, as well as various chapters where economic history is emphasized, notably Chapters III, X, XIV, etc. Like Postwar itself, this bibliography is intended for the general reader, though I hope that students and specialists will also find it a useful guide.

Download the bibliography contents by clicking here. [PDF]*

Download the bibliography by clicking here. [PDF]*

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